Interesting, unique items or services make a Silent, Live and Big Board Auctions the highlight of the evening! 
Please consider donating something we can use in the auction.  
Click here for more details.

  • Do you own a business?  Offer an item, gift card, or host a party at your location
  • Like to entertain?  Host a party at your home (all your friends will sign up and the school wins!) - pick a theme - anything from wine tasting to mother/daughter tea
  • Love to bake?  Offer baked goods for a year to the winning bidder!
  • Crafty?  Donate your time to wrap Christmas presents or pre-stuff Easter eggs
  • Tickets?  Sporting events, Walton Arts Center, the AMP?
  • Have something to share?  Getaway house or a guided day at the lake on your boat?!

If you are able to provide something for the auctions, please download one of the forms below, complete it and return it to the school office.  Thank you for helping make the event a success!

Business Donation Form

Family Donation Form